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Applications for the HH MSII SDG Challenge have closed. We thank all those who applied and will soon contact you about the status of your applications, and the next steps in the process.

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Free | Online | Queen’s University

Have you ever wanted to use technology in your classroom but not sure where to begin? This course introduces a variety of digital tools that you can start using today. You’ll develop a toolkit of quick, user-friendly tools that will enhance teaching and learning. While exploring and curating resources you will be able to try these tools and decide for yourself what fits best in your classroom. We encourage you to share this course as a resource with your colleagues!

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Free | Online | Pastel Education

We realize that changing perspectives is often not enough in the real world. We have collaborated with a number of therapists and experts in the field to create short educational videos aimed at providing practical day-to-day skills to assist children on the autism spectrum. Within 45 minutes, we hope to provide educators with actionable skills to immediately implement into the classroom. With practice and determination, these skills may make an unmeasurable difference for a child with ASD.

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