HH MSII SDG Challenge: Community Impact Projects

Enabling innovative, high-quality, gender-responsive education for students in the most deprived regions of the world. 

Education & Gender Equality (SDG 4 & 5)

“Education holds the key to our development. We must continue to give priority attention to the sector because it is the bedrock of any development.” 1 Million Teachers

High Impact. Low Cost. Scalable.

His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II of Kano (HH MSII), UN Advocate of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and 1 Million Teachers are pleased to announce the HH MSII SDG Challenge. The challenge is an annual social responsibility initiative of HH MSII aimed at inspiring and catalysing innovative community development activities that support the achievement of the SDGs – particularly SDG 4 and 5. In year one, this program will awards ten grants of 500 USD each (with possible follow-up funding) to teachers across Sub-Saharan.

Impact projects

USD grant per project


 1. The applicant must be a practising teacher.

 2. The project must be in Sub-Saharan Africa.

 3. The project must be community-based.


Program Phases

Fostering innovative educational solutions, leveraging locally available and low-tech resources.

Phase 1: Applicant Onboarding (January)

The awardees will receive an orientation.

Phase 2: Idea Refinement (February and March)

The awardees will continue refining and modifying their project by partaking in:

  • Workshops and training sessions
  • Coaching session
Phase 3: Project Implementation (April - June)

This phase is focused on the actual execution of project activities. After refining their project plan, the participants will implement their project with continual coaching and support from 1MT.

Phase 4: Impact Evaluation (July - August)

The last phase of the project is to conduct evaluation process and to showcase the success stories of awardees.


Information Session

You can download the info session presentation.

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