HP Mentor a Teacher Program

Nigeria Cohort to Develop and Empower Teachers While Increasing Gender Awareness and Sensitization

The HP Mentor a Teacher Program is a collaboration between HP, GR, and 1MT, aimed at bringing inclusive content and curriculum to classrooms and educators in Nigeria and beyond.

Anchored on 4 pillars, including gender equity, relationships and digital inclusion, leadership development and success mindset, this program helps cover key areas that are not covered in standard training programs for educators and will provide participants with the skills, resources, and knowledge to empower girls and advance their rights to quality education.

Participants will play a crucial leadership role in cascading this program, in the process creating a critical mass of highly capable educators – educators who demonstrate the principles of Powerful Learning in their teaching and learning practice; educators who are able to design learning experiences that are personal and accessible; authentic and challenging; collaborative and connected; and inquisitive and reflective.

See program document for details: HPMAT 3.0 (2023)