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1 Million Teachers offers reward-based training that transforms teachers into life-long learners. The incentives embedded in the training program will help keep teachers engaged and motivated – positively impacting the future of millions of children around the world. Without qualified and motivated teachers, children stand very little chance of realizing their potential, and there is a huge shortage of such teachers already. The global shortage of teachers is expected to reach 69 million by 2030 (according to UNESCO). Our goal for the next 3 years is to help attract, train and retain one million teachers as well as develop the capacity to significantly train several million more.

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Our Movement:

One Million Teachers will change children’s lives by delivering quality teacher training and providing incentives to keep teachers engaged. Come and join us and change the future for children, and society, around the world.

What we offer

E-learning platform – The gamified and bite-sized contents makes learning engaging and interesting. Follow/Click on the link to start learning now. Our Goal – To deliver quality enhanced learning materials at an affordable price so that majority of the teachers can be trained to deliver better teaching results.

Our Inspiration

Sub-Saharan Africa is facing a critical shortage of competent and passionate teachers. By 2030, this shortage will be 69 million globally. Without teachers, children stand very little chance of realizing their potential. Poor education leads to poverty which leads to poor health outcomes.

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$ 50,000 Goal


Days To Go

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  • A graduate of the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program as well as Certificate in Social Impact from Queens University, Canada, Hakeem's career spans investment, retail and commercial banking, microfinance, business development, strategy, and teaching.

    Hakeem Subair
  • HH was the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He was also at a time the Chief Risk Officer and Group CEO of First Bank of Nigeria Plc which was then Nigeria’s largest bank. He is credited with reforming the financial sector of Nigeria and is currently working on attracting investments in energy and manufacturing in his capacity as chairman of the Kano state Investment Advisory Committee. HH holds degrees in economics and Islamic law. HH is focused on peace, public health, girl-child education advocacy, job creation and reforms of Muslim family law.

    His Highness, Muhammad Sanusi II, CON, Emir of Kano
    Chairman Advisory Board
  • Halima has worked as an early years practitioner, literacy coordinator, reading specialist, volunteer teacher, trainer and mentor in diverse schools and educational organizations in Nigeria. Her focus and strengths lie in early years education, inclusive and special education, caring for vulnerable children and girls’ education.

    Halima Wali
    Chief Learning Officer
  • A driven self-starter with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration from the University of Windsor. With a background in project management, sales, and marketing Jayden has gained international work/volunteer experience in Australasia as well as Latin America over the years. Jaydon prides himself on strong leadership skills and cultivating relationships.

    Jaydon Case
    Customer Experience Officer
  • Femi is a multiple awards winning Corporate Affairs professional who has over the years been involved with various initiatives to advance the cause of education in Nigeria. Before joining 1 Million Teachers, he had taken part in an innovative government-led educational support project aimed at equipping high school students with tablets uploaded with required textbooks and learning support in the state of Osun, Nigeria.

    Femi Adeniran
    Director, Global Partnerships
  • Becky Cyr graduated from Guelph University with a Specialist Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama, and in 1999 earned her B.Ed from York University. She was quickly hired by Halton Catholic District School Board. Within a year, the Principal assigned her to the position of SERT, a position she stayed in for 14 years. In her role as a classroom teacher, Becky has taught grade 4 for four years and will begin an assignment in grade 7 for the 2017-18 school year.

    Becky Cyr
    Advisor, Curriculum & Pedogogy
  • Patrick is the CEO of EBCHIM Innovation and Research, a data analytics strategy company in Kingston, Ontario. Patrick is Professor and Program Coordinator of the Business Analytics program at St Lawrence College, Kingston. He has a Master of Science degree in Engineering and a Master of Arts degree in Economics from Queen’s University, Kingston. Patrick also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Cornell University, New York.

    Patrick Egbunonu
    Chief Data Scientist
  • Nic graduated from Dalhousie University, Halifax, with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Nic is a highly motivated and creative problem solver with a passion for empowering positive change.

    Nic Knorr
    Instructional Designer
  • Data analytics and research are Eric’s strong suits, but he is an expert generalist, with skills across a very wide area which he constantly brings to bear at 1 Million Teachers.

    Eric Farquharson
    Marketing & Communications
  • With a career that spans over fifteen years in government and start-ups, Malcolm is currently the Senior Technical Project Manager at Innovate Kingston, a non-profit focused on building start-ups in Kingston, Ontario.

    Malcolm Peralty
  • A highly motivated and thoroughbred professional, with a Can-Do sprit, Rizma has a background in project and brand management. She has successfully delivered projects across multiple departments over the last 4 years, prior to taking up her current responsibilities at 1 Million Teachers – where she has been involved in virtually all aspects of its operations.

    Rizma Farooq Waheed Butt
    Director of Marketing & Communications
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